If you're a business traveler, traveling by private jet charter from a private jet is going to help you get to your destination quicker or hold frequent meetings while on the air, at a more affordable price. You could even make several trips occur more frequently thanks to your more flexible flight schedule, and your pet can travel in the...

Although it's true that not all private jet charter flying is created equal, there certainly are definitely a number of advantages to joining a private jet club for your upcoming vacation. Private jet clubs essentially allow members the chance to share in the cost of private jet tickets, essentially giving them the ability to "own" a piece of...

We all know that private jet charter services are more affordable than flying government-owned airplanes. But do you know that the flying hours in some of the world's best harbors are longer during winter and shorter during summer? These delays can be attributed not only to the extreme cold temperatures but also to the number of people on board...



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